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What is the Singularity? (

The Singularity refers to a theoretical moment in the near future when computers will become smarter than humans. With technology rapidly advancing and becoming more sophisticated by the day, futurists argue a tipping point is nearing. More specifically, it’s the point when computer intelligence exceeds that of human intelligence and when the human brain can no longer predict the future because this new form of super-computer intelligence will be beyond its capacity to understand.


Technological Singularity Explained: Could It Change Our Future? (

Some futurists argue that such a paradigm shift is on the horizon–and this progress of technology may even enhance our own human intelligence. How so? Well, what if we’re able to merge with machines, giving us superhuman intelligence forever?

Singularities and Nightmares: Extremes of Optimism and Pessimism About the Human Future (


New technologies, distributed by the Internet and effectuated by cheaply affordable tools, will offer increasing numbers of angry people access to modalities of destructive power — means that will be used because of justified grievance, avarice, indignant anger, or simply because they are there.

What is the Technological Singularity? (

We can speculate as to the changes the Singularity would bring that would enable that exponential growth to continue. Once we build computers with processing power greater than the human brain and with self-aware software that is more intelligent than a human, we will see improvements to the speed with which these artificial minds can be run. Consider that with faster processing speeds, these AIs could do the thinking of a human in shorter amounts of time: a year’s worth of human processing would become eight months, then eventually weeks, days, minutes and at the far end of the spectrum, even seconds.

Technological Singularity – An Introduction (

When greater-than-human intelligence drives progress, that progress will be much more rapid. In fact, there seems no reason why progress itself would not involve the creation of still more intelligent entities — on a still-shorter time scale.

What is the Technological Singularity? (

The potential emergence of advanced artificial intelligence will be the most important result of exponential growth as this will eventually lead to machines inventing things far beyond what humans can and accelerate the world towards the Technological Singularity. The advancing processing power of supercomputers is key to the development of AI.

Is the “Technological Singularity” Plausible? (

A technological Singularity is based on the premise that general intelligence is an example of a natural phenomenon that can be studied, and understood sufficiently well for technologies to be built that can amplify it beyond the levels reached by natural selection. To say it is impossible can mean one of two things. One is that the human brain is optimal. No artificial brain can ever improve upon it, or if it can be improved the advantage is not noticeable enough to qualify. The other is that, yes, forms of general intelligence above and beyond human levels do exist in principle, but we shall never achieve a level of science and technology required to harness this natural phenomenon and perform useful work with it.

What is the Technological Singularity? (

There is some debate about whether there’s a ceiling to the processing speed of intelligence, though scientists agree that there is certainly room for improvement before hitting that limit. As with speculation in general, nobody can really speculate as to where that limit may sit, but it’s still fascinating to imagine an intelligence doing the thinking that a human does in one year in one minute.


Ethics of a Technological Singularity: will robots rule? (

The enthusiasts’ response is that when we have a full dynamical map of the brain we can simply build a full-scale emulation of it. We can bypass all the disputes within AI and simply let our brain data settle them. Of course, we have nothing like the computer power for such emulations today, but Moore’s law can guarantee us that power by the time neuroscience finishes collecting the data, which Kurzweil conveniently projects to occur around 2029.

The Technological Singularity (

The acceleration of technological progress has been the central feature of this century. I argue in this paper that we are on the edge of change comparable to the rise of human life on Earth. The precise cause of this change is the imminent creation by technology of entities with greater than human intelligence.

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