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Occupy Wall Street


Occupy Wall Street: A Historical Perspective (

The turbulence that this movement created in 1933 and 1934 led to a landslide election for left-leaning congressmen in 1934. It created an opportunity for the left that resembles the opportunity generated by the Tea Party for the right in 2010.


The Geography of Occupying Wall Street (

The nascent movement known as Occupy Wall Street had its largest single day of protests on Saturday. And a funny thing happened: most of the action was far from Wall Street itself.

The Democracy Project: a History, a Crisis, a Movement (

The original occupation of Wall Street on 17 September drew a couple of thousand people, which was considered a triumph. But within weeks the movement had spread to more than 600 cities, and huge crowds were assembling daily in New York. Graeber writes of having to pinch himself as he watched thousands of people mimicking the hand gestures and rallying cries of activists who were more used to shouting at each other across empty rooms.

Why ‘Occupy Wall Street’? (

For a long time, economists and policymakers have accepted the financial industry’s appraisal of its own worth, ignoring the market failures and other pathologies that plague it. Even after all that has happened, there is a tendency in Congress and the White House to defer to Wall Street because what happens there, befuddling as it may be to outsiders, is essential to the country’s prosperity.

More Than a Protest Movement (

Occupy must become a full-service movement. It must offer meaningful work to a vast range of supporters, from nonviolent direct-action enthusiasts to occasional protesters at stockholder meetings to signers of petitions and campaigners, in order to drive big money out of politics. It must be more than a protest movement. After a brilliant start, it must continue engaging America in what amounts to a moral as well as a political upheaval. It must think of itself as an awakening that challenges people at every level not to tell Occupy what to do but to ask themselves what they will do, individually and together, to revive values more decent than “enrich yourself.”

The Inside Story Of Occupy Wall Street (

Frustration, doubt, chaos, and failures dominated the early days of Occupy Wall Street. So how has it lasted so long, grown, and spread around the country? Fast Company reporter Sean Captain was at the occupation from day one and looks back on a series of moments that made the movement feel different than any other action he’d covered or participated in before.

Occupy Wall Street Actually Not At All Representative Of The 99 Percent (

The Occupy Wall Street movement captured public attention while speaking for the so-called 99 percent, but those who actively participated were drawn from a much narrower, more elite slice of American society, according to a new survey.

Occupy Is Dead! Long Live Occupy! (

Occupy Wall Street has already transformed beyond recognition from its original state. Very few Occupies still hold public space, and the ones that do have lost members through attrition, arrests and extreme weather. The core players are focused on protesting the police repression that many sites experienced in the fall.

Occupy Wall Street’s Year: Three Outcomes for the History Books (

As citizens movements go, Occupy Wall Street came in like a lion and eased out like a lamb. A year after the occupation of Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan, the Occupy movement seems scattered and almost vestigial. It has no place in the current Presidential race. Its numbers are small. And while it continues to send up a flare or two from the socioeconomic front lines of the American commons, there is no lasting organization, no powerful network of tendons linking large-scale movements around the country, and no centered political message.

An Occupy Wall Street Founder Talks About The Origins Of The Movement And Where It’s Headed Next (

The original proposal was put forward by Adbusters which is a magazine headquartered in Vancouver. It comes out of the anti-consumerist movement from the ’90s. So what happened was mostly folks from the traditional activists or organizing community — people who you would tend to see involved in various progressive causes over their lives and mostly young folks — attended the first general assembly which started in July and happened periodically over the summer…eventually leading up to the initial rally on September 17.

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