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Not Getting Good ROI on Your Marketing Efforts?

April 28th, 2011 · No Comments · Marketing

Big Ideas:

  • Guy Kawasaki talks about his latest book Enchantment.
  • Brian Clark demonstrates how to write create copy that gets results.
  • The best marketing is baked into the product.

Not getting good Marketing ROI? Great Marketing is Baked in.

Brian Clark has a great interview with Guy Kawasaki about his recent book Enchantment.  As an aside, take a moment to see how beautifully Brian Clark writes copy. Who wouldn’t listen to that interview with that much enticement? Learn from that article and use the same tactics on your own sales pages.

Clark and Kawasaki hi-light many key points of marketing and business. Here is just one of the key take aways:

The ultimate marketing is baked in. It is not lipstick you stick on a pig. If you have somebody beautiful, lipstick just makes her more beautiful. If you have a pig, you still have a pig with lipstick. So the key is to not have a pig. And not figuring that the lipstick will fix the pig.

Why are Most Businesses so Mediocre?

It is astonishing how terrible most businesses are now. Mediocre products with lousy service is the norm in English speaking countries.

When sales and profits are faltering most businesses turn to advertising to fix the problem. That is what Guy Kawasaki refers to as sticking lipstick on a pig.

If you build a great product and deliver great service, your marketing will take care of itself.

How many good shopping experiences have you had in the last month? Can you identify any companies that really delivered wow service that you told friends about? I would guess the answer to both of those questions is no.

Delivering great service costs much less than advertising to acquire new customers.

Action Items

  • How can you create more value for your customers?
  • Can you create exceptional service experiences that customers will talk about?
  • Do you and your employees care about delivering outstanding service? If not, that is the source of your problems.

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