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Linchpin by Seth Godin

April 30th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Ideas

I have just finished reading Seth Godin’s Linchpin for the second time. It really is a fantastic book with insights into what it takes to be successful now.

I have to say that I find most business books underwhelming. Virtually all just regurgitate common sense ideas or follow popular trends.  Linchpin is NOT one of these books.

I love Godin’s take on how we have all been trained from childhood to conform and consume. Our societies have produced armies of people who follow the rules and produce only what is required. It is no wonder that so many jobs are lost to automation or outsourcing. If you are just following procedures and policies in your work or business then don’t be surprised if your job disappears.

Godin’s antidote for our economic malaise is to become an artist. He uses the term ‘artist’ in a broad sense;

Art is an original gift, a connection that changes the recipient, a human ability to make a difference.
Art isn’t a painting or even a poem, it’s something that any of us can do. If you interact with others,
you have the platform to create something new—something that changes everything. I call that art.

This is a great book that I highly recommend for anyone interested in personal development and success. I felt the book spoke to me personally on many levels and many of the ideas are similar to the topics I am focusing on my blogs. Here is a video I recently did for covering some of the same concepts.

Seth Godin gave a great talk about the ideas in Linchpin which you can listen for free on his blog.

There is also a related ebook called Brainwashed that Godin wrote on

Do work that matters.
Four words available to anyone. They’re here if you want them. The economy just gave you lever-
age—the leverage to make a difference, the leverage to spread your ideas and the leverage to
have impact. More people have more leverage (more chances and more power) to change the world
than at any other time in history. What are you going to do about it? When? has a great video of Seth Godin talking about overcoming the resistance that stops people from executing their ideas.

Go and buy the book! Then take action to become an artist. If you are not trying to connect and contribute to the world, then what is the point?

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