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The History & Evolution of Crowdfunding (

Microfinance is often seen as a tool to help people climb out of poverty. Loan recipients can apply the money to building or sustaining a family-owned business. The loan amounts issued, however, are typically small — much smaller than those provided by banks.


Will Crowdfunding Drive a New Wave of Startup Investing? (

Venture capital investing has traditionally been the domain of the wealthy, but that could change with the passage of new legislation that will allow entrepreneurs to raise money from a much broader swath of the public — and give ordinary investors the chance to own a piece of the next Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

Crowdfunding, Micro-Patronage, And The Future Of Free Software (

The rise of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indigogo has brought forth a new kind of patronage for our modern era. No longer does one wealthy benefactor have to subsidize the life and work of artisans. Instead the funds — and associated risk — are distributed amongst multiple participants. The model has been working well for board games and movies and electronic doo-dads. It’ll work for Free Software, too.

Crowdfunding Businesses and Startups: The Ultimate Guide (

Crowdfunding is a disruptive process that empowers creators and inventors to showcase projects publicly in the form of text descriptions and video pitches, and to solicit everyday Internet users in hopes of raising donations. Hosted on online websites and services such as Kickstarter and IndieGogo, which function as showrooms, the public can then vote with their wallets by submitting cash donations to projects they’d like to see succeed.

Crowdfunding and creativity: giving a little can make a big difference (

Community funded arts projects are not a new concept. With government cuts being increasingly felt, more and more potentially brilliant ideas are falling by the wayside with no conceivable way for artists to bring their work to audience. New writing is given a back seat while tried and tested favourites (I’m thinking about all those jukebox musicals…) are rolled out to bring in the crowds.

Crowdfunding: how the kindness of strangers is changing business (

Crowdfunding is when enterprising artists and business people appeal to the world to make micro-donations, which, taken together, are enough to fund a project. The idea began to take hold in 1997, when fans of British rock band Marillion launched an internet fund-raising campaign to bankroll an American tour. Over £35,000 was raised, and the tour went with a bang. Today, crowdfunding is used by film-makers, charities, technology companies, even football clubs. For projects that would otherwise struggle to get off the ground, it’s a godsend.

Crowdfunding Tips (

The amount of preparation and work needed to garner funding from the crowd is grossly under estimated by startups. We see projects posted without an introduction or concept video and in many cases with virtually no resources behind the startup.

The Case for Crowdfunding (

Raising the funds required to start a business remains difficult, which slows growth by interfering with the normal patterns for starting new businesses.

5 tips for running a successful crowdfunding campaign (

It’s all great news for startups and small businesses looking for dollars, but hitting a crowdfunding home run is far from a sure thing. In fact, untold numbers of campaigns wind up flopping.

What is crowdfunding? (

The main benefit of crowdfunding is that it creates a strong network of support for your start-up. With the equity model in particular, your investors are likely to become ambassadors for your brand – promoting it among their networks, tracking your progress and becoming returning customers themselves. They may also offer to lend a hand, for example by providing free legal advice or accountancy services.

How crowdfunding can kickstart the Big Society (

Crowdfunding has been so successful precisely because it solves the problem that commissioners and publishers have struggled with years: it establishes whether there is market demand for an idea. No more guessing, no more relying on the murky intuition of executives trying to out-guess the public – now you can go straight to the market and get an answer, cheaply and quickly. And it turns out that the public enjoy it as well – it’s like a global version of a village market, where you know your money is going straight to the people who deserve it.

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