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Share Office Space to Lower Costs and Increase Collaboration

February 7th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Collaboration

Big Ideas: is a matchmaker for surplus office space.
Co-working is a great way to add creativity and energy into a work environment.

Share Your Office - Co-working matchmaking site.GigaOM recently wrote of a new service matching freelancers with office space;  ShareYourOffice Wants to Be a Dating Site for Office Space.

ShareYourOffice is a new website that wants to act as a matchmaker for office space, hooking up people looking for desk space and companies that have spare space available. With a rise in the number of freelancers worldwide, coworking centers have become increasingly popular, but they’re not yet available everywhere. The idea behind ShareYourOffice is to create mini-coworking centers everywhere there are firms with spare desk space. The benefit to the company renting out its space isn’t only financial — in terms of helping to cover the cost of the lease — but also from the kind of network effects and synergies that can eventuate as resources and ideas are pooled, and companies collaborate on ideas together.

I love the idea of co-working type environments where freelancers and smaller businesses can minimize some of the costs of having an office, yet still get the benefits of a shared work space. There is a buzz and energy when you work around other creative entrepreneurs that is near impossible to duplicate when in cafes or at home. These benefits can be amplified if you take time to find a company that you might work together with or for. ShareYourOffice is a fantastic idea that I hope is really successful.

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Comment by Rent Offices
2011-03-16 11:59:18

Sharing is always good and we learned this from social networking websites 🙂

Comment by Virtual Office NYC
2011-07-08 00:22:10

This office sharing thing is commonly used by small businesses or company in order to save more from their expense usually the office space rent, I agree with you this idea could help the employees be more productive on their work.

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