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Anonymous (the hacking group)

Who are Anonymous? (

Anonymous is believed to be mostly made up of hackers believed to be in their teens and early 20s.

Anonymous is not a Hackers Group,its a Internet Gathering of Hackers ! (

Anonymous is not a group, but rather an internet gathering. Anonymous has a very loose and decentralized command structure that operates on ideas rather than directives.

8 Things That Anonymous, The Hacker ‘Terrorist’ Group, Has Done For Good (

Whether it’s retaliating against kiddie porn sites, helping to identify Chinese military cyber-attacks, or targeting the digital properties of various hate groups, Anonymous can sometimes be a force for good.

Anonymous: The Secret Group’s 5 Biggest Hacks (

Anonymous, the shadowy group of hackers that grew out of an anarchic message board on the website 4Chan, has made headlines quite a bit in recent months. The loosely organized group of “hacktivists,” which typically aligns itself with liberal causes, has brought down the websites of Visa, PayPal, and the Westboro Baptist Church.

10 things you need to know about Anonymous’ Stratfor hack (

Anonymous hackers broke into web servers of Stratfor and copied 200 gigabytes worth of data. Thus far, it appears that the hackers have details only about Stratfor customers who purchased Stratfor’s newsletter, but the hackers could easily have more than that. Several reports indicate Anonymous will next release more than 3.3 million client e-mails.

Hacker group Anonymous is a nuisance, not a threat (

“Anonymous is a brand — not only a brand, but an open-source brand, which anyone can co-opt, use it when it’s convenient and discard when it’s done,” said Greg Hoglund, CEO of security firm HBGary. “It’s not even fair to say Anonymous is a leaderless organization, because there is no organization. It’s not one static group.”

Should we paint Anonymous and LulzSec with the same brush? (

LulzSec is comprised of early members of Anonymous who felt constrained by the organization’s moral rules. Anonymous, for instance, never attacks the media. In an interview with an Iranian Anonymous member, he hinted at problems the leadership has had with keeping fringe elements in line. “Companies like Sony just don’t deserve to be attacked,” he had said.

Hacker group “Anonymous” Takes on Child Pornography (

The infamous “Anonymous” hacker group decided to target a collection of child pornography sites called Freedom Hosting and succeeded in not only crashing the sites but also releasing the names of almost 1600 users who frequent them. Anonymous even took down one of the world’s largest sites, Lolita City, which is believed to contain over 100gb of content.

‘Anonymous’ Hacker Group Claims Attacks on U.S. Law Enforcement Websites (

The group known as Anonymous said Saturday it hacked into some 70 mostly rural law enforcement websites in the United States, a data breach that at least one local police chief said leaked sensitive information about an ongoing investigation.

Anonymous hacking group uses IRC channels to co-ordinate DDoS attacks (

It’s been a while since the loosely-grouped Anonymous hacking group caused a sensation by organising a series of DDoS attacks against a number of high profile financial sites linked with snubbing WikiLeaks.

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