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Ideas are the Only Currency in the New Economy


Creativity is the only competitive advantage.

Creativity is the Only Competitive AdvantageYou can’t under-price the competition. Trying to be the cheapest is a race to the bottom with disappearing profit margins.

You can’t out-work the competition. There is always someone willing to work harder and cheaper.

You can’t out-market the competition. There will always be competitors with deeper pockets and much larger marketing budgets.

The only way to succeed is to do things differently. Creative ideas and approaches, combined with a great corporate story and a simple message are how to stand out from the crowd.

My name is John Bardos and I search the web for the best ideas that help challenge conventional wisdom and rethink the way business is done.

Creativity is an active process. Constant input of diverse ideas combined with a regular questioning of current assumptions and commonly accepted practices are how creative breakthroughs are achieved.

The goal of this blog is to provide that inspiration and help you ask the hard questions that are holding your business back.

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Ideas are Everything.


I work with companies and individuals to discover creative ways to improve business. I consider myself an anti-consultant because I get intimately involved in your business and focus on delivering on the highest value added activities. I don’t waste time on lengthy planning and strategy processes. I believe in a rapid-prototyping process that quickly delivers results and can be improved.

Generally, there are five things that I do:

  1. Discover Your Ultimate Business Model. The most effective marketing is baked into the product and service itself. Build a great product and over-deliver on your promises and you will have no shortage of business. If you don’t have a good product with good service, all the marketing in world is not going to help you.
  2. Create Your Story. Get rid of all marketing slogans and hype and convey an authentic message about who you are and what you stand for. People buy from people so stop trying to be so corporate.
  3. Content Marketing. Informative, valuable content attracts search engine traffic, establishes your expertise and builds trust. Content marketing is the key component of the sales process. In addition, animated explanations are a fantastic way to explain complex offerings. I can write content, manage outsourced writers and oversee the development of videos and other creative work.
  4. Project Management. I am an expert in low-cost outsourcing and crowd-sourcing. Great work doesn’t have to be expensive. For about half the cost of a typical agency brochure website, you can have a professional logo, web design, content management system, email newsletter and several months of informative blog posts that generate leads. For many companies, this will mean 10 times the website traffic at half the cost.
  5. Provide Measurable Results. Web traffic, leads and sales are the key metrics of business success. Your marketing budget doesn’t have to go down a black hole.

Why You Shouldn’t Hire Me

I am very hands-on and work collaboratively with clients, sharing work in progress and getting rough prototypes out quickly and cheaply. Traditionally minded companies don’t know how to work like this, so I am definitely not for everyone. I will question your processes, your ideas and past performance to generate the best return on your sales and marketing budget. If you are looking for a yes-man to follow your orders, then I am not for you.

About Me

John in Hungary

I am a serial entrepreneur with experience working with start ups in many different industries. I lived in Japan for 14 years and then sold my company and all my possessions to live location independently. My wife and I realized that consumption and possessions were not making us happy, so we made a commitment to change countries and careers within one year.  This was in 2009 and we haven’t looked back since.

You can read about my nomadic lifestyle on I now focus my life on working with “cool people on cool projects.” I believe in the ‘Art of Business’ and strive to help start ups make a real difference in the world. Most companies are broken and everyone is suffering for it. It is up to entrepreneurs to fix the world.

I can be reached at: john (at) ideaeconomy (dot) net.

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